Ridiculous amounts of food goes to waste every day. This costs the planet, the social equality and our wallets.

The food tech start up company Simply No Waste was born from a strong will to turn this problem in to something healthy, new and resource saving. Their first product has been a circular process where they extract the nutritions from left over avocado seeds that they collect from restaurants.

I have been with them from the beginning, creating everything visual – from logo and illustrations to packaging design and product photos.

The 1,6 billion ton problem

Currently 1/3 of the worlds food production goes to waste before it even gets to our table due to imperfection in our current value chain system. Every year.

The cost of producing all of this waste is 8% of global CO2 emissions.

25% of our agricultural land (equals the size of China!)

18% of the freshwater consumption.

A circular model

KundSimply No WasteTjänstVarumärke, produktdesign, illustration, fotografi.År2020 ->Länkwww.simplynowaste.se

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